About AAA Publishing Network:

The AAA publishing network was created to give other trusted brands access to the AAA membership on a national level. Together, the AAA publications cover 24 regional titles boasting the largest reach amongst the mature demographic, AAA reaches the affluent senior and travel markets with a circulation of 21 million and a total audience of 43 million.

  • Over 50 Million Members
  • 44 Association Clubs
  • 1,100 offices nationwide
  • 1 in 4 American Households receive a AAA Publication

Trust and Loyalty: Premier Brand Assets

From its inception in 1902, AAA was founded on the principle of that of a trusted friend and advocate for the road traveler and has continued to evolve growing the membership to what is now Over 53 million members, 44 association clubs and 1,100 local AAA offices in the U.S. and Canada.

How the Advertiser Benefit:

Because of this trust and loyalty, the AAA member views an advertisement in AAA Magazines as an implied endorsement from AAA.

Gain access to the legions of loyal AAA members who renew at a 92% clip.

About AAA Memebers:

  • Because they Trust AAA – Members view your ad in a AAA publication as AAA’s implied endorsement of your product.
  • Because they are Loyal to AAA—Members renew their annual membership at a 92% clip.
  • A Media Buy in AAA is an audience buy: Collectively all AAA publications deliver reach and coverage that rival the biggest consumer magazines.
  • 25 Million in total circulation across the network
  • Active because they travel.
  • Affluent because they have an average household income of $101,400.00
  • Action Oriented because 74% of AAA Readers take action after seeing an ad in AAA.

AAA Member Statistics:

  • AAA members rank above the MRI indices of U.S. adults
  • AAA members are twice as likely to have a home valued over $500,000
  • AAA members are twice as likely to have investments over $150,000
  • AAA members have an average household income of $94,000
  • AAA members have an average age of 57
  • More than 8 out of 10 AAA members own their own home